"Where Your Dog Can Be A Dog"

Every dog can be a dog, in a happy, fun, caring, safe, stimulating environment. With people who treat your beloved family member as if they were their own family. We pride ourselves in being positive role models for animal welfare and bringing a programme that is fun, creative, innovative that connects and contributes with our customers giving them a home away from home for their canine.

Our indoor and outdoor play areas allow all dogs the chance for four-legged fun to burn off that pent-up energy. From small dogs to large ones, puppies to seniors, our staff actively supervise dog play and use positive reinforcement. Our goal is for every dog to go home from our centre happy and content.




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1 Day

1 Day

Per Day :

4 Day

4 Day

Per Day:

6 Day

6 Day

Per Day:

10 Day

10 Day

Per Day:


  • Concession Cards$104 to $230

    These days are at a discount that anyone can purchase. They have an expiration of 3 months. New cards need to be purchased before you run out to receive discount

  • Half Day Rate$20

    Only between hours of 7.30am and 12.30pm, we do not do afternoon half days, we do not accept half days on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays. If pickup is later than 12.30pm full day rates apply. Half day does not apply to casual or assessments

  • Casual Rates$35

    If you do not come once a week or you are from out of town you are classed as a casual.

  • Assessment Fee/ First Day$35

    This is a one off charge for your dogs first day. This fee is to help pay for an extra staff member to assess your dog and stay with them for the day.

  • Multi Dog Family of 2$44

    For families with two dogs will get a discount of $22 per dog. They have to be in the same house and owned and registered by the same owner and come on the same day.

  • Multi Dog Family of 3$60

    For families with 3 dogs or more will get a discount of $20 per dog. They have to be in the same house and owned and registered by the same owner and come on the same day.


  • Group Dog Walks$5

    Our group walks are around 40min to 1 hr, we take them to the bush, fields, gardens and lake. We do on lead and off lead walks daily.

  • Dog Bus Service$5

    Pickup and Drop off service to your front door

  • Dog Bus or walking Concession Card 6 Times$30

    This will entitle you to have 6 walks or 6 bus rides.

  • Dog Bus or walking Concession Card 10 Times$50

    This will entitle you to have 10 walks or 10 bus rides.

  • Nails Cut$10

    Nails Cuts do not need an appointment as it takes around 10 mins, come between 9.30am and 2.30pm Mon to Fri

  • Dog Wash and Nails$25

    Includes a wash head to tail with our top quality shampoo and a blow dry. We also cut their nails.

Would recommend to all

"2nd day of a 4 day adventure for my 2 boys at Big brown Paws. Such happy dogs and lovely to have a catch up at the end of the day to make sure they had behaved!! Would recommend to all, especially those with high energy pups, makes for nice peaceful cuddles at night instead of running mad around the house all night. Would recommend to all and we will be sending Frank and George as treats as often as possible!"

Holly Goddard

The staff are awesome

Our two dogs have been going to doggie daycare for about 4 months twice a week. They are always so excited to go in the mornings and so tired when I pick them up. The staff are awesome and so knowledgable. Would highly recommend sending your pooch for a day filled of fun filled adventure.

Sharyn TeWhiu


''Awesome. Our young dog loves heading off to daycare and comes home happy and tired from the days activities. So great to see photos of her adventures and know she is out having fun rather than bored and up to mischief at home. Highly recommend Big Brown Paws to anyone considering daycare for their pup.''

Lisa Linx Wolf